ACPL’s plant at Chiplun has state-of-the-art machinery for all its processes. Machinery and equipment is from reputed world manufactures. The plant conforms to the highest safety and environmental standards, and has Certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 by TUV, SUD.

The company adopts a systems approach to all its activities and has well defined procedures, flow charts for each of its activity / process, and has well documented manuals for all its operations.

The company has power backup for critical machines like extruders, to ensure good quality products. It also has a fire hydrant system for safety and protection of man, machines & materials. It also imparts Health & Safety training regularly to its employees.

Given below is a brief outline of the manufacturing facility for each process at ACPL.


ACPL has NIEHOFF Intermediate and Fine wire drawing machines with on line annealing facility. Wire drawing range is from 0.2mm to 1.35mm.

High quality electrolytic grade copper rod is supplied by top class manufacturers like Union copper from U.A.E., and Hindalco, Finolex from India.


A 32 Wire Electroplating Tinning machine is installed to meet consistent and uniform quality of tinned wires.

High quality tin metal is used for the tinning process. In house solution testing and daily monitoring of plating facility is done.


Conductor is the main component of the cable. Hence production of top quality conductor is very essential and this is achieved by using top class high speed Niehoff –Germany and Cortinvous –Italy bunching machines.


Mica taping machine caters for the production of “Fire Resistant cables”.

ACPL uses high speed two head mica tapping machine for imported MICA tape application.


Quality of insulation plays a key role in cable manufacturing.

ACPL has world class insulation lines from Nokia Maillefer-Switzerland, Davis-Standard (U.S.A.) & WAITAK (China).

Extruders are equipped with automatic dual take up facility, which ensures continuous production run.

Insulation materials used are PVC/PE/XLPE with in line spark tester, diameter controller & number printing to ensure excellent product quality.


ACPL being a dedicated Instrumentation cable manufacturer, ensures high quality of screening by using top class imported Northampton-U.K. pairing machines


Laying and Armouring are very critical operations in cable manufacturing. ACPL uses world class Pourtier Laying machine for core stranding, and Instrumentation cable laying operation.

Multiple Operations like multicore laying, tapping, and screening are being carried out on this machine.


A two cage 54 bobbin armouring machine is used for higher size armouring. Various tapping applications like Copper Tape/PP Tape/FR Tape are also being performed on this machine

ACPL also has a horizontal 48 bobbin armouring machine, and a unique 24 bobbin vertical armouring machine.


Various materials are used for sheathing of cables, both over laid up assembly as bedding, and as final sheathing.

PVC, FRLS, FR, FROR, HDPE, LDPE & LSF are some of the compounds commonly used for sheathing.

To achieve quality extrusion and output, ACPL uses top class Nokia Maillefer-Switzerland & Reifenhauser-Germany extruders

For all extruders power backup by uninterrupted power supply is available for continuous running of extruders.

Black & White ink jet printers are used for high quality printing.